Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ooh this looks good...

The latest from HBO. It's called Bored to Death and features Jason Schwartzman playing a private detective/writer/alcoholic/Jason Schwartzman , so should be entertaining if you're a Wes Anderson fan. Sam from Cheers also stars, so they'll hopefully be some awesome Ted Danson action to.

Comes out in the States this September, so dunno when we'll get a chance to see it, but have a look anyway below.


  1. it does look good! schwartzman's so small and danson's so tall, they accentuate each other's height. also when did Ted Danson's hair go completely white? did I miss when that happening gradually or did it just happen overnight?

    those are my thoughts.

    it was nice to see you this evening too! x

  2. danson has been white some time, see curb your enthusiasm, or if you don't don't larry david, take my word for it.

  3. chloes correct in the long term silverness of mr danson.

    nice to see you to bunny, the taboo playing wasn't as fun after you left. Let me know if you hear about "Bored to Death" coming to UK TV :-)