Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Russian Dolls Lose Weight with Milk Consumption

I wish that'd work for me. Ahh well, back to the rice cakes...

Anyway here's a bizarre and very funny video shown to me by uber "video-teller-abouter" Rosie Miles. It's highlights the problems you encounter being a Russian Doll...

Originally seen here http://dekku.nofatclips.com/2008/12/must-drink-more-milk-russian-dolls.html


Cheekily I'm posting something old off Geekologie in order to make it look like I've actually posted something in the last month (when in fact I haven't..shh).

Anyway, this looks to be the ultimate pen and I really would like one for my birthday/christmas, if anyone's struggling for ideas.

The Color Picker pen by Jinsu Park allows you to write in any colour using the pen's colour sensor. Hold the sensor up to a colour, then push the button and it mixes the right amounts of red, green and blue to make your chosen hue. Genius!

So genius it's actually still only a conceptual design...