Sunday, 8 February 2009

Motski's Oscar Watch Part 3

Hi folks, I'm slowly catching up, this week...


One day I hope they make a film entitled "Milk" about the history of those "Got Milk?" ads that appear on the back of American comic books, but for now Gus Van Sant's new film will have to do and I have to admit it covers a much worthier topic.

Milk charts the story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn), the first openly gay man elected to U.S public office, and his SPOILER tragic death. Filmed in an intimate often semi-documentary style, Milk is involving and highly entertaining, managing to match
Harvey's personal relationships and humour with the further reaching implications of his election.

Although Penn is fantastic and wholly believable in the lead role, the whole cast is great, especially James Franco who gives a restrained emotional performance.

Despite this praise, I did feel that the film lost momentum towards the end, loosing pace just as we reach the critical moment. Josh Brolin's role as Dan White SPOILER Milk's killer, is also not given enough screen time, with his frustration not reaching the boiling point I expected before he took such extreme action.

In the end, Van Sant's film offers an entertaining and highly watchable look at an important part of the U.S.A's recent history.

Coming soon... A review Frost/Nixon and this week I'll be watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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